Book Maps and Soundtrack Playlists

I’ve added a few new features to go along with the sample chapters for Shotglass Memories.

The first of which is a Google Map with all of the areas that show up, in some cases loosely and based on, in the first four chapters. Some of these places are the 2014 equivalent just to give you the general idea. It’s split into three separate layers. The first is the Cold Open, the second is 1956, and the third is the World War II era. If you’re wondering what the color coding means…the red pins mean blood was spilled.

The second feature I set up was a couple of YouTube playlists based on two earlier posts I created. One was Evoking the Feeling of a Shotglass Memory focusing on a writing soundtrack, and the other is based on a trailer mashup called Show, Don’t Tell Your Shotglass Memories.

Inspiration and process comes from many places but my hope is to package this all together for a bigger experience. Now you can let the soundtrack run as you read and follow along with the pins on the map. See if you can guess where the book is going. Study up on your history or what you think your history is.

Chapter One Rewrites – A Novel Process

This rewrite doesn’t sound as bad as what the post title actually means. I didn’t go back and start from scratch. But writing a novel IS a process and you essentially learn as you go. One of the areas in the book that I wanted to massage was the opening paragraphs of Chapter One, which takes place after the cold open. This is still sample copy but below is a side by side of the before and now. There’s always a way to make a scene better. This will be a work in progress until the end but it’s a step in a better direction.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if you haven’t read the sample chapters of Shotglass Memories, click on this link.

I listed the new version first but read in your preferred order.


Chapter One

Little Eden, New Jersey
November 1956

Slats of light cut through Joseph Sinclair. They compartmentalized the pain spreading out across his body into even segments. Joe mustered his strength, adjusting until recognition of his surroundings set in. He weathered the present, although other men weren’t as lucky, if one could call it luck. Joe fumbled for a pack of cigarettes and the book of matches from his nightstand. They sat in clutter, draped by his mother’s black pearl and silver rosary. Worn down Hammer paperbacks stacked high on top of the slick newsprint made for Presidencies.

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Kindling for the Beta Readers

Something for my betas. Germaine James for helping out with the file. Even though it’s sort of old tech, the e-ink display is new to me and I’m loving it. It’s easier on the eyes and thus makes for faster reading than the Fire.

Shotglass Kindle

“If you like writing that isn’t formula and lets the reader discover the story, then this is for you. If you’ve ever read authors like James Lee Burke, Chuck Palahnuik or Dennis Lehane, you’ll appreciate evocative writing that is a good story, well told, that is out of the box. If you “got” True Detective and appreciated the ending then check out Shotglass Memories!”

– GERMAINE JAMESProfessional Writer and Consultant