Shotglass Memories Storefront [Updated]


I put together a new CafePress shop for Shotglass Memories with a few other added designs from the past that tie into, and show up in, the book. There’s still more to come but if you see a design you like but it’s not on a product you like, or know of one that exists and isn’t there, please contact me either by comments or by the Contact page. I won’t make much money off of these, in most cases a dollar if that, and any money I raise will just go into promoting/fine tuning, etc. the book.

So if you want government conspiracy inspired coffee mugs or Cold War inspired t-shirts, head on over to the Shotglass Memories store.

UPDATED: Just added a new section for the Agent of R.A.D.I.O. designs along with the Sergeant Zero bloody star. I’m still working on the store front but each section has more items. The dark clothing comes in other colors but black, so click around.

Book Maps and Soundtrack Playlists

I’ve added a few new features to go along with the sample chapters for Shotglass Memories.

The first of which is a Google Map with all of the areas that show up, in some cases loosely and based on, in the first four chapters. Some of these places are the 2014 equivalent just to give you the general idea. It’s split into three separate layers. The first is the Cold Open, the second is 1956, and the third is the World War II era. If you’re wondering what the color coding means…the red pins mean blood was spilled.

The second feature I set up was a couple of YouTube playlists based on two earlier posts I created. One was Evoking the Feeling of a Shotglass Memory focusing on a writing soundtrack, and the other is based on a trailer mashup called Show, Don’t Tell Your Shotglass Memories.

Inspiration and process comes from many places but my hope is to package this all together for a bigger experience. Now you can let the soundtrack run as you read and follow along with the pins on the map. See if you can guess where the book is going. Study up on your history or what you think your history is.