Since it’s Christmas….

From the opening paragraph of the Coda in Shotglass Memories, which takes place in 1956, without spoilers.

“In front of a frosted bay window, a little boy decorates a tree. Large opaque bulbs in hues of blue and green, red and orange, illuminate his ten-year-old face. A blanket of white, wafting down from the heavens, covers the lawn. His mother looked on from the sofa, enjoying a glass of red wine. The embers of the fire dwindled down to the ashes, dropping the temperature in the room of their home.”

Happy Holidays everyone.

Shotglass Memories Storefront [Updated]


I put together a new CafePress shop for Shotglass Memories with a few other added designs from the past that tie into, and show up in, the book. There’s still more to come but if you see a design you like but it’s not on a product you like, or know of one that exists and isn’t there, please contact me either by comments or by the Contact page. I won’t make much money off of these, in most cases a dollar if that, and any money I raise will just go into promoting/fine tuning, etc. the book.

So if you want government conspiracy inspired coffee mugs or Cold War inspired t-shirts, head on over to the Shotglass Memories store.

UPDATED: Just added a new section for the Agent of R.A.D.I.O. designs along with the Sergeant Zero bloody star. I’m still working on the store front but each section has more items. The dark clothing comes in other colors but black, so click around.