Quick Shots: Interviews and Xbox

If you stop by the main site you’ll notice a few more items in the navigation up top. I’ve brought back my past interviews, mostly for Sergeant Zero but it goes into my process as well, and I streamlined the other sections for better legibility.

In the right sidebar you’ll notice a new blogroll for podcasts I listen to, and ones I’ve listened to, either out of entertainment or getting me through the creative wall. So check those out. Each one is worth your time and will drop little chunks of goodness where you don’t think they’ll hit.

While I don’t know how frequent I’ll be on, you can now find me on Xbox through the handle Pulp Tone. It’s a bare bones Xbox 360 but it’s the first console I’ve bought since PS2 if that’s any indication.

Sergeant Zero Issue One Script

Ever wonder what a comic book script looks like?

The entire first issue of Sergeant Zero Reigning Fire is now available in doc format. For educational purposes only. The fully illustrated Sergeant Zero Promo 2013 edition is also available in PDF format. We’ve been posting the unlettered inks over on Pinterest as well if you want a further look into the process.

Read what others are saying about the comic:

“Sergeant Zero is an amazing amalgam of genres, and if I could have come up with this myself believe me, I would have. If you love Universal Horror movies of the forties, or hardboiled noir fiction, or classic WWII movies, this hits at the heart of your thing. If you love all of the above, this is the holy grail you never knew existed.”

—Scott Phillips, Author of THE ICE HARVEST

“Sergeant Zero is a fantastical journey into the dark halls of war. Part Captain America and part Iron Man, Sergeant Zero will face the worst evil has to offer. Anthony’s comic book looks very promising and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were witnessing the beginning of a very successful franchise in the making.”

—Frederic Lumiere, Producer/Director of WWII IN HD

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Shotglass Memories: Chapter Three (FIRST 1,000 ARC)

Below is the first 1,000 (roughly 995) words from Chapter Three from my novel, Shotglass Memories. This is unedited copy currently out for notes and representation.

If you haven’t read the three chapters before this, give them a read before continuing.

Chapter Three

Bruises of crimson and purple spread out across the vast divide, washing over Joe in successive jabs to his brainpan. His head rocked back and forth, with his spine against a guardrail freezing the skin on his neck raw. His boots dangled over the edge trying to suck him down into the water. A stark blast from the chill barraged his face, prying him awake against his will. Joe’s hands grasped at the concrete, pushing himself up, and forcing small bits of rock under his fingernails. “No more,” was all he could muster. Continue reading