On Word Counts and Freak Outs

As you sit down at your desk, with pen and paper or a keyboard, picture if you will: 85-thousand words. That number is just a moving target. It could be 80 or 90. It could be more or less but it’s more than you can write in one sitting.

Now let the anxiety set in. It never stops, even when you’re at 60-thousand where the end is a pin-prick on the distant horizon. It’s a looming pall, or an actual wall, of second-guessing-self-doubt. Remember to breathe.

I’ve talked about my process before but I want to narrow it down to one idea. Focus. Within the focus you’re going to trick yourself and the flood gates will open. Continue reading

Event updates

So while I was asked to not talk about the why, I do feel the need to post here, for the sake of the mailing list, to update any of you that were planning to attend. This is from what I posted on my Facebook page:

I won’t be reading at, or attending, Noir at the Bar New Jersey At Tumulty’s on May 24th in New Brunswick. Thank you for understanding. Maybe we’ll get together some other time.

That being said, because so many of you reached out to me offline, text, messages, etc. etc. I wanted to say thank you for…everything. Positivity. Confirmation. Finely tuned emotion. And many other things. Overall, and not related to this event, I don’t consider the people following me…followers. You’re other creative types, readers, writers, designers, movie goers, screenwriters across the country, etc. etc. You’re not stupid and you shouldn’t be treated as nameless faces in the crowd. I’ve been blessed with knowing some of the nicest people on and offline.

I’m already planning another event, and or possible series of events (my phone just buzzed as I wrote this) so that those that were going to attend aren’t disappointed. The interest is there. It may be just me folding in a Q&A from another event, or there may be others reading as well with a broader theme. It’s quite possible to even do a Meerkat or Periscope feed as well for those of you that don’t live in the Tri-State area. I have to look into the logistics of it depending on the location. As soon as I know something you’ll know.