Dead End Follies Reviews Shotglass Memories

Benoit Lelievre expands on Shotglass Memories, from last week, with a full review:

Writing a first novel is an exercise in modesty of ambition. It’s such a complicated task to accomplish that it’s much easier to fuck up than to get right. People tend to perceive all novelists as masterful and visionary by default, but truth is that for every Picasso of the written word, there are a thousand kids training themselves not to draw between the lines. That’s why I tend to judge first novels on precision, fluidity and leanness rather than emotional impact. Sometimes one brings a little more to the table, though. Anthony Schiavino‘s brooding debut Cold War grind SHOTGLASS MEMORIES is a finely crafted, atmospheric and somewhat challenging mystery that’ll keep you reading even if your house has caught fire or got broken into by a Ninja assassin squad.

For Ben’s full review head on over to Dead End Follies.

The Wolves of Omaha and Other Stories on Your Kindle

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A ✭✭✭✭ (.5) Brooding Cold War novel

There are a handful of people that I consider a litmus test in terms of reviews, and writing in general. Benoit reads more books in a month than people read in a year, if not years. It’s safe to say he’s seen his fair share of prose. So when he said he was going to review Shotglass Memories, I was on pins and needles. Especially he had to deal with international shipping.

While the longer review is coming, this is the post-mortem Amazon review. I couldn’t be happier.

Now…into the breach…. Continue reading