✭✭✭✭ for Shotglass Memories (Reader Reviews)

A must read for noir/mystery lovers.

By Thomas on May 19, 2015
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Shotglass Memories is one of my favorite stories. Following Joe Sinclair’s fight with his past, all the while trying to piece together his future kept me engrossed the whole time.

He’s relatable… Suffering from some form of PTSD, yet it’s something more. And to uncover what that more is, is what sucks you in. The support characters all have their little quirks and identities, and they do a wonderful job bringing Joe’s inner self to light.

The intro and outro in this novel made the cogs spin in my mind, and because of that, I can only recommend that you give this book a read. Especially if you enjoy a little mystery, noir, and a little insight into what war is capable of.

How to Write Awesome According to the Best

I thought that this was worth sharing with the lot of you. Typically I would just link this on Tumblr but this should go out to you, the readers, as well. Buzzfeed interviews screenwriters but the ideas apply to multiple industries.

How To Write An Awesome Movie, According To Some Of Hollywood’s Best Writers

Hollywood pros like Paul Feig, Richard Linklater, and Diablo Cody give their best tips and insights for all you wannabe writers.

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On Word Counts and Freak Outs

As you sit down at your desk, with pen and paper or a keyboard, picture if you will: 85-thousand words. That number is just a moving target. It could be 80 or 90. It could be more or less but it’s more than you can write in one sitting.

Now let the anxiety set in. It never stops, even when you’re at 60-thousand where the end is a pin-prick on the distant horizon. It’s a looming pall, or an actual wall, of second-guessing-self-doubt. Remember to breathe.

I’ve talked about my process before but I want to narrow it down to one idea. Focus. Within the focus you’re going to trick yourself and the flood gates will open. Continue reading